Why should you join?

Free to Bracknell Forest residents.

Nothing to lose. Something to gain.

Phone 01344 862916 to enquire.

Free offers, events, and discounts

We treat everyone equally. Age is all that concerns us. But, of course, we can do more for those who are in regular contact.

To be informed

We don't want older people to lose touch with news of what is available for them.

We need your permission to hold contact details for you. We prefer email to you (or via a friend) because letters cost money we can spend in better ways - or we could text or phone you.

For a bit more help

We all need a bit more help as we get older. It can make a lot of difference.

It is what Age Concern Bracknell Forest is here for. We help about 2,000 people per year and want to do more.

Why should you join /cont ?

To be counted

The country is not ready for the ageing population. Health and social care are failing older people now, and Bracknell's over 65 population is growing faster than elsewhere.

We want to understand your issues and get help. Numbers count.

To have fun

We enjoy getting people together and out and about to make friends and have fun. Come to our events.

'Concern' and 'care' are sad words? Not a bit of it! Visit our Day Care centre most days.

Anyone over 50 can join

The government says 'older' is over 50, and some people are unlucky enough to have age related issues that early.

Most people who need our help are over 65 - which is 15,500 people in Bracknell Forest (7,100 are over 75).

The ageing population

In March 2013, Lord Filkin, chair of the Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change, said

"the country is not ready for the rapidly ageing population. Health and social care both are failing older people now."

"A big shift in services is essential so that the many more older people with long-term conditions can be well cared for and supported in their own homes and in the community and not needlessly end up in hospital."

"People must be better informed for the choices each of us makes for our longer lives."

Are we surprised?

The Office for National Statistics data shows that the over 65s population of England will grow by a massive 23% this decade. Bracknell's population is ageing much faster (38%).

Is the borough ready?


Page updated 27/06/2014