The Older Peoples Partnership

Age Concern is working with public and independent sector colleagues on a strategy to improve the lot of older people.

Our own strategic goals are: to combat isolation by promoting:

  • Access to the internet
  • Good quality local information
  • Community awareness of needs, and
  • Events to stimulate social contacts

And improve support by promoting:

  • Good quality, affordable services
  • Care services working together, and
  • Support for carers

We do this through our events strategy (zoom), which drives our interaction with the community.

The 'events strategy'

Our core services, Day Care and Toenail cutting are excellent, but we struggled to answer phone calls for information or help.

Calls increased because although we are NOT part of Age UK, they pass queries to the local Age Concern. The problem was that we could not afford the office, regular staff and equipment this needs and nobody would fund those ongoing costs.

Our 'Events' business strategy reversed the old charity approach. We did not beg for grants, but took the initiative out of our reserve funds.

As well as answering phone calls we went out to engage older people in a variety of public events. When we could show how much we achieved, then we would ask for money - through donations, grants, sales, fundraising, attendance fees or whatever.

It works. Local people are generous when they can see the fruits of our efforts.

It is an eternal cycle. We listen to what people want, decide on the events and activities to provide it, and make sure they provide public benefits.

Getting On

Two of the biggest threats to quality of old age are lack of exercise and lack of social contacts.

We arrange events to make new friendships, encourage exercise and interests, explain about local services, and help with use of internet.

Internet inclusion

These days it is harder and can be more costly to live without the internet, but it may not be easy to get started.

We are working with the Bracknell Open Learning Centre and other partners to help and encourage people to Get On Line

See how we can all help.


Page updated 07/07/2016